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We are dreamers, and we dream broader and brighter than any generation before us. We feel we can do anything, become anything; we are elated. Yet this is exactly what terrifies us: the expanse of possibilities pouring out before us, twisting and scintillating.

This is what we dread most: setting a bearing in the landscape of our future. Because every decision is underlined by the possibilities it denies, we are often left standing, before a panoply of choices, paralysed, baffled.

The Krisenkinder project is an attempt to understand the overwhelming dilemma of a generation of infinite choice. Our question is simple but significant: how do we decide? What inhibits or inspires our choices? What are our alternatives to assertiveness and how do they reverberate in the way we live, as citizens?

The first stage of the project will be to talk with Krisenkinder about their decisions. The format of the interview is simple, structured around the concept of 'what do you want to be when you grow up'. Yet with every interview, new questions will surface, and will be asked in the interviews to come.

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Further reading:

A short piece about Krisenkinder can be found here , and the Wir, Krisenkinder article in the german magazine Der Spiegel can be read online here. If your German is up for it, I strongly recommend you fill out their fascninating survey.

My Masters thesis on Berlin also covers many elements of Krisenkinderdom: read the Intro online, or download the pdf.

If you have questions, or if you would like to submit a testimony yourself, please be in touch!